Our March showcase at Future Fires’ luminary at The Midway SF explored the theme:

Nature / Unnature

“How do epiphanies and cathartic experiences manifest in our “natural” minds, spurred by the “unnatural” creations of VR artists?”

Dream Logic_Luminary.jpg

We engaged with this question through three VR experiences: Dreams of Dali from The Dali Museum, Morphogenesis by Can Buyukberber & Yagmur Uyanik, and Fistful of Stars by Eliza McNitt & The Endless Collective.


Acclaimed Bay Area digital artist and Google Tilt Brush Artist in Residence Steve Teeple painted worlds live using Tilt Brush during the event.


More photos here.


Future Fires brings together brilliant artists and creators from around the world who produce groundbreaking work using drones, robotics, VR, projection mapping and more. Based in the SF Bay Area, Future Fires provides both a live and online showcase to a global creative community.

The festival’s installations, and performances are symbolic of a new fire; an expansion of human engagement and community, a new era of artistic practice and imagination.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 3.02.43 PM.pngThe Midway is a new, multifaceted creative complex, located in San Francisco’s burgeoning Dogpatch neighborhood. Equal parts creative laboratory and performance space, The Midway is a sprawling 40,000 square-foot venue for the public to engage with a variety of exhibitions, workshops, performances and special events. Housing art, food, music & emerging technologies under one synergistic and collaborative roof, The Midway is the perfect place for San Francisco’s creative communities to collide.