the art of dying


In October 2016, we invited over fifty artists and technologists from around the world to bring their visions of mortality to life through virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive installations, drawing, performance art, and music. The Art of Dying took place in San Francisco’s Mission District as part of OpenIDEO’s Re:Imagine | End of Life week – a citywide conversation through art, experience, and design.

Step inside:


Read about the show here:

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Former Stanford Longevity student Kelly Vicars discusses her latest exhibit: The Art of Dying

Voices of VR podcast: The Art of Dying – Kent Bye, VR podcast producer, was a participating artist



We were proud to be a part of IDEO’s inaugural Re:Imagine | End of Life week.






225346-1ca9332c9944580f0aec6b28201028db-medium_jpg.jpgEnormous thanks to The Laundry for hosting our first event!

The Laundry is a creative space dedicated to fostering creative culture, connection and community. Located in San Francisco’s Mission District, the 6000 square foot space hosts an art gallery, experiential events, community workshops and more: