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Thank you to the incredible creators and collaborators who helped bring THE ART OF DYING to life…

Virtual reality (VR) – upstairs gallery:

  • Death is Only the Beginning’ by Virtual Awakening (Jose Montemayor & Bec Abdy) / London
  • Transition’ by Mike von Rotz & Joost Jordens / Netherlands
  • ‘3VR’ by FLOAT (Kate Parsons + Ben Vance) / Los Angeles
  • Pearl’ by Google Spotlight Stories Lab / Mountain View
  • SoundSelf’ by Robin Arnott / Austin

Virtual reality (VR) – downstairs gallery:

  • ‘Ceremony for the Dead’ Tilt Brush scape by Stu Campbell (Sutu Eats Flies) / Australia + nomad
  • ‘Das Is’ by Chelley Sherman (Gray Area)  / San Francisco
  • ‘Red Patterns’ by Ando Shah & Pierre Friquet (Ando + Pyare), Co-creators :  Mourad Bennacer, Federico Saldarini & Jean-Yves Münch (SAT Residency, CNC development fund)  / San Francisco, Australia, France
  • ‘Bardo Thogul’ by John Benton, Lia Walters & Devorah Medwin (a Love8 and Collaboration) / NYC
  • ‘Crossover’ by Kent Bye (Voices of VR podcast) / Portland
  • ‘Imago’ by Chuck Tsung-Han Lee, Joel Ogden, Amy Stewart, Jaehee Cho, Jack Tsung-Yu Tsai, Eric Junwen Chen (Construct Studio Presents) / San Francisco
  • “I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good” VR scene excerpt from ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ by Ryan Larson & Adam Green (Numinous Games) / Austin
  • ‘Round Round’ by Aimée Schaefer, Shir David, Kendra Leach & Shaffira Ali; DOP: Jomo Fray; Dancers: Fana Fraser, Matthew Perez (NYU Tisch school of the arts. Collaboration between ITP, Film and Dance departments)  / NYC
  • ‘Final Recursion’ by Erica Layton / San Francisco
  • ‘Zen Parade’ – ShapeSpace VR by Kevin Mack / Los Angeles

Interactive installations – upstairs:

  • ‘The Wave’ by Marpi (Gray Area) / San Francisco
  • ‘Fear,’ a sound installations by Anna Land / San Francisco
  • ‘Colors’ Sound installation by Devon Meyers, Nick Shelton, & original music composed for the show by Alex Stickels  / San Francisco

Interactive installations – downstairs:

  • ‘Rain’ by ecco screen  / San Francisco
  • ‘Crossed Over’ sound journey with SubPac by Stefanie Atkinson, Kerry Boyatt, Timothy Surya Das,  & Zbigniew Sokolowski / San Francisco

Augmented Reality (AR) – upstairs gallery:

  • ‘EEG Takes Flight” and ‘Stopping Time, II’ AR art by Zenka; app: Aurasma / Los Angeles
  • ‘Electronic Graveyard No. 2, The Upload’ by Carla Gannis; app: Blippar (Pratt Institute in the Department of Digital Arts) / NYC
  • ‘Bubbles: Like Life and Death’ by Stefanie Atkinson; app: Aurasma / San Francisco
  • ‘Sway’ series by Lauren Carly Shaw; app: Aurasma / Brooklyn

Mixed Reality (MR):

  • Holoshatter by Yosun and staRpauSe (CODAME) / San Francisco
  • ‘Grasp,’ an AR installation by Tucker Heaton & Toshi Hoo (a project of the Emerging Media Lab at the Institute for the Future) / Palo Alto, San Francisco


  • 黃兼鋒 by artist Kevin Balcora (studio at American Steel)
  • Assorted LED and black light reactive artworks by El Shamanico
  • Mandala by Kelly Vicars
  • ‘Ena’ by by Claudia Bicen from Thoughts in Passing
  • Sculptures by Stuart Mason, Upload VR
  • Installations by Eric Cole, Liisa Laukkanen & Kelly Vicars

THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly guiding participants through these experiences, and to our friends and collaborators without whom this show wouldn’t have happened, or made any sense 😉