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As we enter the technological age of experience, augmented and virtual reality offer wild new additions to the artist’s toolkit. These mediums let us manifest and share imaginative worlds more fully than ever before.

Dream Logic is a community of artists, technologists, designers, experimenters, and entrepreneurs. We design and curate experiential art shows that bring artists and technologists together to explore new ways of seeing.



Curator + producer Lindsay Saunders is a self-described tech/art nerd. She curated her first AR art show in Brooklyn with artist Lauren Shaw in 2012 and produced a VR / live theater play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last year. She is the Engineering Program Manager for the Connected Devices Research Team at Mozilla.

Curator + producer Kelly Vicars is an artist and creative producer in San Francisco. She works on large-scale, immersive art projects incorporating storytelling, visual art, and experience design.

Technical director Sean Kennedy blends technology and psychology to meet human needs. As a Human Interface Specialist most weeks out of the year and a Burning Man Ranger for one, he helps people find solutions, and / or themselves. He is an avid writer of poetry, short stories, travel journals and two in-progress novels.

Designer Liisa Laukkanen uses physical space to create immersive environments for virtual experiences at Dream Logic shows. She leads an interior design and architecture firm in San Francisco and NYC.


Dreams operate via a curious logic.

The vast cognitive network that governs the dreaming mind is deeper and wider than that which promotes conscious sense-making. Rationality is suspended in dream states, which is why in dreams we can swim through the air or walk through walls. Dreams are the land of inventions, visions, and nightmares.

Because virtual realms do not abide by the logic or strictures of physical laws, they support a remarkably similar hyper-associative, instinctive, self-aware cognitive state as dreams.

As many writers, inventors, and great scientists will tell you, dreams are where our best ideas are born.