Zenka (Jenny Carden) is an independent artist and futurist who creates “Art for the Galactic Age.”  She is known for her augmented reality sculptures and high tech street art. Her raku sculptures are held in the collections of fortune 500 companies, such as Google and Delta Airlines and tech startups such as Survios, Merge and River Studios.

Check out her work Here

“Time Umbrella”

When it’s time, it’s time. This print is about our complex relationship with time and our fear of missing out. Our fear of running out of time runs deep. We haven’t figured out how to move back and forth in the fourth dimension, so for now, there is an inevitability about the passing of time.  We can’t be protected from it.

“EEG Flight”

As we move closer to reading and recording our thoughts using brain wearables, we move closer to our dream worlds.  Fueled by our fantasies and fears landscapes depict our personal version of heaven. In the future we will use VR to consciously explore these visions – allowing us to deeply understand our mind’s eye – unbound by physics and logic as we know it.

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