Round Round is a metamorphous meditation on the timeless concept of gender transference and identity.

The questioning of gender binaries has occurred throughout time; in many cultures, the concept of gender transference has become taboo, while in others, gender bending has been embraced and even revered.  A deeply personal and cyclical process, the question of identity and gender has re-emerged as a platform for private and public discourses on personal and cultural distinction.  As popular culture explores the exotic and divergent, new modifications occur and another cycle in the dance of gender is proclaimed.

Round Round places the viewer at the cyclical center of a Kikuyu tribal myth wherein Man may become Woman and Woman may become Man.  As the characters unravel their own layers of uniqueness and similarity, they find expression as individuals yet come find strength in supporting one another. Round Round uses VR, dance, music and 360* video form to create a sacred space where one may explore myriad versions of themselves.

Check it out here

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